• Shiva Vijjagiri

#4 Top&best personal Finance books to mastery the basic principles on money

Hello!! Do you need money? the answer will be obviously yes,who don't want money.

Have you ever thought why everyone is craving for money, it's because money is highest Exchanging thing in the world, almost 99.999.. problems will be solved with it.

But the question is are you capable to make money effortlessly or striving hard enough.

To mastery anything first you need to Learn the fundamentals perfectly.

So here I've got 4 Top&best personal financial books to learn the fundamentals

#1 Rich dad poor dad

This will always be my best personal finance book not because it has some tricks and tips to make and manage money, it's because the way the author written so beautifully that you can understand it at one read. I wound recommend you to start with this book to get curiousity on money, then you'll automatically read more..

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#2 Think and GrowRich

I don't think this book has to mentioned because it is all time bestseller. Author had took quarter of a century to accumulate information and write this book. This book contains great examples, motivational stories, practical ideas. A must read book.

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#3 Let's Talk money

"it's not how hard it's how smart you make money"

If you're in indian then you must read this book, as it's very hard to earn money in india. In this book she explains the mistakes you're making to earn & manage money & how to over come it with simple anecdotes and examples which are used in day-today world. I wound suggest this book especially to teenagers to know every aspect about money as early as possible in their life

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#4 The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy

"if you buy everything that you don't need much, then you'll end up to can't buy one thing which you need" One should read this before reaching 30. My fiend who has read this book told me that "this influenced me to buy a new bike". This book mainly concentrates on cost of living and penetrates everybody to know what exactly is need to live.

I bet you after reading this book you'll get know what exactly needs to live.

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The books which I've mentioned above are not only the best books, their may be many more, But it would be best if you Start with these books.

Thank you!! 😊😊